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  • Incorrect points: Contact your state director Points Status
  • Rule interpretations and questions: Robert.Boudreaux@usssa.com
  • If you are experiencing a technical support issue with the new site, please send an email to helpdesk@usssa.com. It is very helpful if you send a link to the page you were having an issue with in your email.
  • USSSA General Information

    USSSA Baseball

    • For the baseball program, USSSA All American program, Select30 program, rules and classifications or any other general information: baseball@usssa.com

    USSSA Fastpitch

    • For the Jr. Pride, Pride, Fastpitch USSSA All American Games, Select 30 program, or any other program, rules and classifications or any other general information, please email: fastpitch@usssa.com

    USSSA Slowpitch

    • For any Slowpitch conference, player and roster history, rules and classifications questions or any other general information: slowpitch@usssa.com

    USSSA Travel

    • For any questions regarding Stay to Play or travel to the Space Coast Complex, please email: usssatravel@usssa.com

    Space Coast Complex

    • For any information regarding the Space Coast Complex, the Space Coast Complex Pro Shop, concessions and events please contact: spacecoast@usssa.com

    Spring Training

    General Information

    • For any other information not previously listed, please contact: info@usssa.com
  • USSSA National HQ is located at: 5800 Stadium Parkway Melbourne FL 32940
  • USSSA National HQ phone number is 800-741-3014, however for the majority of questions please direct them to your state director which you can look up here.

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