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May 25 2017

USA Elite Select Futures All-American Northwest Selections (2017)

Futures All American Participants,

It’s that time of the year to announce teams for the 2017 Futures All American Games!
All shows will be aired on as well as the home page of USA Elite Select our Facebook page and YouTube pages. The schedule is as follows:

Atlantic Region: Monday May 22, 2017 8pm (ET)
Midwest Region: Tuesday May 23, 2017 8pm (ET)
Central Region: Wednesday May 24, 2017 8pm (ET)
Northwest Region: Thursday May 25, 2017 8pm (ET)
Remember each participant is chosen for either their primary or secondary position (this was determined based on the needs of the team).  After the selection show a formal email will be sent out to the participants who made the team, they will have 48 hours to accept and pay the $150 acceptance fee.  If an acceptance is not made by the 48 hour time frame a reserve player will be added to the roster of that particular region.  An acceptance email will be sent out to these participants at the time.
We want to thank all of the tryout participants, it really was a great year with an amazing amount of talent. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing all the selected participants in Florida. Again, thank you for your support of the Futures All American Program and commitment to competition, community and education.  We hope to see you at another one of our future events.

14U National



14U American

Hogel, Cecelia Catch   Greening, Haily Catch
Bower, Genevieve Catch   Vermeulen, Elizabeth Catch
Munguia, Neysa CI   Kahl, Taylor CI
Grein, Alexandra CI   Yalotz, Macenzee CI
Saabye, Carson MI   Bennett, Rylie MI
Ronning, Kate MI   Stateler, Madison MI
Bingenheimer, Haley MI   Bell, Alashae MI
Martinez, isabella OF   Johnson, Megan OF
Busch, Abagail OF   McPherson, Tess OF
Geller, Alexa OF   Griffith, Jordan OF
Harms, Emily Pitch   Barchus, Savannah Pitch
Mumford, isabella Pitch   Aga, Mattigan Pitch
Vermeulen, Kathryn Pitch   Garbiso, Jasmine Pitch

13U National



13U American

Vue, Serina Catch   Pamplona, Mikaela Catch
Bowman, Jacqueline Catch   Pfotenhauer, Kylie Catch
Todhunter, Emma CI   Retuta, Ariana CI
Unger, Grace CI   Amezcua, Damie CI
Gilio, Alexis MI   Larwill, Danica MI
Jennings, Brianna MI   Araiza, Emelia MI
Stoffel, Kayla MI   Zapata, Cassandra MI
Ghidossi, Gennavieve OF   Morales, Aracely OF
Volpe, Ryan OF   Parsons, Lauren OF
Shurts, Madilyn OF   Cordo, Samantha OF
Erickson, Maddie Pitch   Quintana, isabella Pitch
Smith, Amaya Pitch   Harrison, Taylor Pitch
Cancilla, Mia Pitch   Burgasser, Jamie Pitch

12U National



12U American

Campbell, Caitlynn Catch   Anderson, Raelyn Catch
Vela, isabelle Catch   Epps, Abigail Catch
Barrett, Kaitlyn CI   Quirk, Madelyn CI
Harrelson, Miranda CI   Ogee, Malia CI
Polli, Sydney MI   Cunha, Kennedy MI
Galbraith, Ashley MI   Gonzalez, Olivia MI
McCutcheon, Emily MI   McCutcheon, Emily MI
Bowling, Mackenzie OF   Saxton, Chloë OF
Decker, Kendyl OF   Williams, Ariana OF
Perez, Alexa OF   Stark, Madalynn OF
Williams, Madison Pitch   Lee, Jaiden Pitch
Farnsworth, Delaney Pitch   Fales, Emma Pitch
Perryman, Lauren Pitch   Monforton, Megan Pitch

11U National



11U American

Knowles, Maddie Catch   Reynolds, Makenzie Catch
Gillespie, Audrey Catch   Chao, Jasmine Catch
Jaramillo, Cambria CI   Murai, Lindsey CI
Cardinal, Kailauni CI   Buttshaw, Hailey CI
Valle, Makayla MI   Lowe, Erin MI
Whidden, Kaylie MI   Martinez, Sehren MI
Ngoun, Dasia MI   Royal, Amanda MI
Lowry, Brielle OF   McMurray, Alexis OF
Maldonado, Makena OF   Martinez, Makayla OF
Bytheway, Chloe OF   Fry, Briana OF
Piper, Faith Pitch   Aldrich, Kya Pitch
Kimball, Allison Pitch   Sealey, Alexis Pitch
Roelling, Randi Pitch   Ponich, Cameron Pitch

10U National



10U American

Contreraz, Essynce Catch   Craig, Addie Catch
Heronimus, Jordyn Catch   Oviatt, Kelsey Catch
Garcia, Alexandra CI   Cook, Hayden CI
Fisher, Addisen CI   Wood, Jessye CI
Munnerlyn, Kate CI   Warner, Ava MI
Phillips, Mia MI   Prosise, Samantha MI
Beatty, Suae MI   Grounds, Marley MI
Enyart, Gabrielle OF   Yco, Kaliya MI
Dayton, Ashley OF   Huryn, Sara OF
Lira, Mariah OF   Fales, Abbie OF
Haggard, Mikayla Pitch   Polanco, Jasmyn Pitch
Correa, Elis Veronica Pitch   McGee, Riley Pitch
Verhoeven, Kailey Pitch   Rodriguez, Serena Pitch


Sandoval, isabella Catch
Young, Katelyn Catch
Muraoka, Matea Catch
Manumaleuga Utu, Leina CI
Enyart, Avery CI
Rodriguez, Victoria Pitch
Cornell, Hannah MI
Tahdooahnippah, isabella MI
Keiter, Olivia OF
Hayes, Teagan OF
Contreraz, Enyiah MI
Morrison, Brenda Pitch
Trujillo, isabella Pitch

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