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May 22 2017

USA Elite Select Futures All-American Atlantic Selections (2017)

Futures All American Participants,

It’s that time of the year to announce teams for the 2017 Futures All American Games!
All shows will be aired on as well as the home page of USA Elite Select our Facebook page and YouTube pages. The schedule is as follows:

Atlantic Region: Monday May 22, 2017 8pm (ET)
Midwest Region: Tuesday May 23, 2017 8pm (ET)
Central Region: Wednesday May 24, 2017 8pm (ET)
Northwest Region: Thursday May 25, 2017 8pm (ET)
Remember each participant is chosen for either their primary or secondary position (this was determined based on the needs of the team).  After the selection show a formal email will be sent out to the participants who made the team, they will have 48 hours to accept and pay the $150 acceptance fee.  If an acceptance is not made by the 48 hour time frame a reserve player will be added to the roster of that particular region.  An acceptance email will be sent out to these participants at the time.
We want to thank all of the tryout participants, it really was a great year with an amazing amount of talent. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing all the selected participants in Florida. Again, thank you for your support of the Futures All American Program and commitment to competition, community and education.  We hope to see you at another one of our future events.

14U National



14U American

Reynolds, Addison Catch   Perez, Alyssa Catch
Livingstone, Alyssa Catch   Navarro, Madison Catch
Chastain, Carlie Catch   Rifenberg, Kristen CI
Gilbert, Sydney CI   Granberry, Madison CI
Prewitt, Ashlyn MI   Alexander, Vanessa MI
Thomas, Katherine MI   Gaskin, Francie MI
Larisey, Jade MI   Steller, Kristen MI
Marell, Mackenzie OF   Grant, Makayla OF
Cheney, Kyna OF   Flynn, Jaelyn OF
Santiago, Michelle OF   Guess, Paige OF
Lassiter, Paige Pitch   Felton, Kaitlyn Pitch
Lucero, Brooklyn Pitch   Elliot-Coleman, Gabrielle Pitch
Swinson, Kayla Pitch   Miles, Ashleigh Pitch

13U National



13U American

Lanphere, Taylor Catch   Debardelaben, Devyn Catch
Hart, Kathryn Catch   Smith, Lyndsey Catch
Griffith, Kayleigh CI   Venturelli, Jenna CI
Allen, Ana CI   Hickey, Catherine CI
Callaway, Faith MI   Hernandez, Ana MI
Baker, Jadalyn MI   Swearngin, Lindsey MI
Hundley, Kalei MI   Ross, Amaya MI
Ussery, Abigail OF   Sedler, Alyssa OF
Brown, Madalyn OF   Vinson, Emily OF
Taylor, Katie OF   Moore, Madison OF
Hogie, Caroline Pitch   Smith, Kaliyah Pitch
McGlothlin, Erin Pitch   Eslinger, Jordan Pitch
Hamilton, isabella Pitch   Hansen, Sydney Pitch

12U National



12U American

Yaeger, Zoe Catch   Winters, Alexis Catch
Perez, isabella Catch   Stevens, Molly Catch
Denardo, Jessica CI   Coslor, McKenzie Catch
Cianchetti, Haleigh CI   Watson, Taylor CI
Wildes, Brooke MI   Soodek, Kira CI
Roland, Madison MI   Thomas, Jillian MI
Jones, Jasmine MI   Kirby, Kirsten MI
McLellan, Cassidy OF   Burnett, Brijana OF
Blair, Sydney OF   Hilton, Abby OF
Murray, Mauri OF   Holcombe, Courtney OF
Baquie, Alexandra Pitch   Herrin, Natalie Pitch
Voltolina, Olivia Pitch   Baucom, Taryn Pitch
Vogel, Kelsey Pitch   Blumberg, Haley Pitch

11U National



11U American

Warren, Lani Catch   Patterson, Caroline Catch
Taylor, Makayla Catch   Bruneman, Addyson Catch
Bueno, Angelee CI   Johnson, Kaitlyn CI
Devine, Desirae CI   Coakley, Kennedy CI
Davis, isabella CI   Duncan, Annalyn MI
Ritchie, Teagan MI   Towery, Megan MI
Feast, Camryn MI   Metz, Marissa MI
Gibson, Ciara OF   Self, Haleigh OF
Deleslin, Delacia OF   Williams, Jaylee OF
Carlisle, Zoe OF   Antioco, Madisen OF
Hiers, Alexis Pitch   Perdue, Brooke Pitch
Armstrong, Cassadie Pitch   Pringle, Abby Pitch
Robinson, Abby Pitch   Barry, Chandler Pitch

10U National



10U American

Zelenka, Samantha Catch   Phillips, Jada Catch
Planeta, Ava Catch   Miranda, Hailey Catch
Hinde, Anna CI   Nieves, Julianna CI
Roman, Ana CI   Nieves, Makayla CI
Pierce, Karhys MI   Call, Alexandra MI
Shaw, Grace MI   Berry, Addisyn OF
Thomas, Ava MI   Townsend, Jamison MI
Smith, Sofia OF   Girk, Julia OF
Stearns, Araya OF   Willer, Alyssa OF
Wetherington, Libby OF   Caron, Amber OF
Camilleri, Alexis Pitch   Garvey, Mackayla Pitch
Heavener, Jayden Pitch   Garcia, Irianis Pitch
Cox, Mckenzie Pitch   King, Pam Pitch


Francois, Sydney Catch
Baker, Carleigh Catch
Kyne, Hayden Catch
Williams, Nevaeh CI
Mitchell, Jaila CI
Maldonado, Alondra MI
Breaux, Sarah MI
Mckinnis, Abby OF
Rooney, Mackenzie OF
Ullrich, Lennox OF
Talley, Morgen Pitch
thomas, Jailyn Pitch
Harrelson, Tiffany Pitch

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